Use this teacher page to access links and resources needed at school or at home.  If you would like anything added to this page or the school website, email your requests to Steven Palmer or Sherry Beaman.

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Quick Links

District Google Email Login

District Google Drive Login

EasyCBM Login – monitor progress in ELA and Math

Edivate (PD360) – Sumter School District’s Professional Development Platform


iPad Apps – Student iPads – master list of apps available on student iPads


PowerTeacher Gradebook

Website Information Form – Use this form to submit content that you would like added to the school website.

Instructional Links


eTools for Education

Google Classroom – Assign students classwork and homework digitally to access on Chromebooks, iPads, computers, or other devices.

Google Drive



Nearpod – Create and use online presentations with interactive features such as polls, video, drawing tools, quizzes, etc.

Learn 360 – Streaming Video – check with the media specialist for login information.


PowToon – create animated presentations



Renaissance Place – Accelerated Reader

Socrative – Create and give online quizzes.  Track data.

Symbaloo – create web mixes.

TECHNOLOGY Check List – Use this checklist to make sure all of your accounts and classroom technology is working correctly.  CLICK HERE

Our Instructional Technology Coach is Krista Jennings.    Check out her website at

Setting up Folders in Schoology:   
CLICK HERE for Video Instructions


  • The iPad has 30 iPads for student use.  The cart is located in the Science Lab and can be signed out as needed.
  • The entire cart must be signed out.  Individual iPads can not be signed out.
  • See the school Technology Manager for more information.


  • Cherryvale has two ActivTables for student use and work well as a station for math or ELA.  ActivTables can be signed out in the media center and can be rolled to the classroom.

What are the arts?

The arts include six areas:  Creative Writing, Dance, Media Art, Music, Theater, and Visual Art.

Cherryvale is an Arts in Basic Curriculum (ABC) Site and receives funding from the SC Arts Commission to fund opportunities and instruction in the arts for all students.  The arts empower students to express themselves within all academic areas.  The arts are used as instructional tools in ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Math.  Music and Visual Art are considered core subjects by the federal government in the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015.


What is Arts Integration? 

Arts Integration Articles – The Kennedy Center

Arts Integration in Practice:  Math

Arts Integration in Practice: ELA

Arts Integration Connections: Music + Music and Movement Video

Arts Integration Connections Language Arts + Drama:  Teaching Inference, a Critical Reading and Comprehension Skill (Video)