Student uniforms will continue to be mandatory.

Students must wear pants, skirts, or shorts that are navy blue, black or khaki (no jeans). They must also wear collared shirts, blouses, or sweaters that are white, light blue, or navy. They are free to wear Cherryvale t-shirts and sweatshirts at any time. These garments are available to purchase and order on-line from various local retailers.

Pants must be straight-legged or boot cut. Full-length pants, cropped pants, shorts, straight legged Capri pants and dresses, skirts, skorts, and jumpers are also permitted. Denim jeans, pedal pushers, and bell bottoms are not permitted.

Walking Shorts are permitted using the same colors. (Walking shorts are straight legged shorts that are no more than three inches from the knee.)

Pants must fit at the waist. They should not be oversized or undersized (e.g. baggy pants, sagging pants, tights, or pants made of spandex are prohibited). This includes leggings and exercise pants.

Belts must be worn, fitted and put through belt loops.

Skirts or Jumpers must be no shorter than three inches above the knee.

Shirts must be tucked on the inside. (Exceptions are made for Special Needs students, Pre-Kindergarten students and Kindergarten students.) In addition, Cherryvale T-Shirts are acceptable at all times

T-shirts may be worn as undergarments. They must be solid White or one of the additional colors approved by the Administration and School Improvement Council.

Light Jackets, Vests, Shirts, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, and Cardigans are permitted as items that may be worn over the uniform top. These items must be tan, black, light or navy blue or they will be placed in the appropriate areas of the classroom. Clothing items not in the approved color must be hung in the appropriate areas of the classroom at the beginning of the school day and remain there until dismissal.

No denim material may be worn as uniform clothing.

Shoes should not be a distraction (Example—Fluorescent colors). Flip Flops are not permitted (all footwear must have a back or a strap).

Heavy coats, heavy jackets and raincoats are not to be worn inside the building during the school day unless permitted by administrators for special circumstances.