Cherryvale Elementary School is a certified ABC (Arts in Basic Curriculum) school and receives funding from the South Carolina Arts Commission to support a comprehensive arts education.  Cherryvale serves students best by integrating the arts in all areas of our curriculum. In addition, our students are afforded the opportunity to participate in arts programs including art club, chorus, dance club, drama club, percussion ensemble, wind ensemble, and perform in the community throughout the year. ABC funding also affords students the opportunity to attend various arts programs and performances in the midlands.

What is ABC?

ABC stands for Arts in Basic Curriculum and it is a collaboration between the SC State Department of Education, the SC Arts Commission, and Winthrop University with the mission of providing access to a quality, comprehensive arts education to all students in South Carolina.

The SC Arts Commission receives funding from the SC State Legislature and uses that funding to support the arts in communities throughout the state through arts grants and events.  Cherryvale has received funding from the Arts in Basic Curriculum Arts Advancement Site Grant which provides up to $15,000 per year for helping the school reach strategic goals for arts education as defined in the school’s Strategic Plan for the Visual and Performing Arts.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the plan.


Why did Cherryvale Become an ABC Site?

Substantial research shows the benefits of an arts-integrated education.  Brain research by Eric Jensen as conveyed in his book,  Arts with the Brain in Mind, and the ABC Project’s ten year study, Doing Well and Doing Good by Doing Art by James Catterall presents compelling evidence that students learn best when fully engaged in the arts.