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Dear Falcons,

Hooray! We’ve reached the end of an amazing school year, and it’s time to celebrate all the incredible things we’ve accomplished together. I wanted to take a moment to say a big “thank you” to each and every one of you for making the 2022-2023 school year truly awesome!

Now that summer is here, it’s time to kick back, have fun, and enjoy every single sunny day. This is your chance to let your imaginations run wild and explore all the exciting things the world has to offer. Whether you’re off on a grand adventure or staying close to home, make sure to make every moment count!

You’ve all been superstars this year, showing us your determination, creativity, and love for learning. Your kindness and teamwork have made our school community shine brightly. I want you to know how grateful I am for each and every one of you. You make Cherryvale Elementary such a special place!

Remember, learning is a never-ending journey that doesn’t stop when the school year ends. So, this summer, try to discover new things that make you go, “Wow!” Dive into captivating books that take you to far-off lands, explore nature and all its wonders, try out fun new hobbies, and keep that thirst for knowledge alive!

I also want to give a huge shout-out to our amazing teachers, staff, and parents who have worked so hard to support you throughout the year. Their dedication and care have been instrumental in making this school year incredible.

As we say goodbye for now and eagerly await the start of the next school year, let’s cherish the memories we’ve made and get excited about all the adventures that lie ahead. I hope your summer is filled with laughter, joy, and special moments that will warm your hearts for a long, long time.

Have a fantastic, safe, and absolutely wonderful summer vacation, my fantastic Cherryvale Elementary students!

Remember to always “learn all you can and be kind to others”.

Mr. Curry


April 17, 2023

Dear Parent or Guardian,

The South Carolina College and Career-Ready Assessment (SC READY) is a statewide assessment that includes tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics administered to students in grades 3-8. All students in grades 3-8 are required to participate in the SC READY, except those who qualify for the Alternate Assessment which is for students with significant cognitive disabilities. Additionally, the SC READY is a required statewide assessment program in science that is administered to students in grades 4 and 6 in elementary and middle school. The SC READY is an untimed test, administered in an online testing format, and used for state and federal accountability purposes.

Items on SC READY will include selected response, short answer, evidence-based selected response, and test-dependent analysis. Evidence-based selected response questions will require students to read a piece of text or a passage and choose the best answer from answer choices. Text-depended analysis will require students to read a piece of text or a passage and draw upon that text for their extended written responses. Items on SC READY science tests will be multiple choice. SC READY is aligned to the state standards that are taught in your child’s classroom.

Please refer to the information below regarding testing at your child’s school.

Cherryvale Elementary School Spring Testing Schedule
Date Test Grade
May 4, 2023 SC READY ELA (Writing) 3rd
May 5, 2023 SC READY ELA (Reading) 3rd
May 9, 2023 SC READY Science 4th
May 11, 2023 SC READY Math 4th-5th
May 12, 2023 SC READY Math 3rd
May 16, 2023 SC READY ELA (Writing) 4th-5th
May 17, 2023 SC READY ELA (Reading) 4th-5th

Find out more about the test here.


Debra Healey

Assistant Principal/School Test Coordinator

March 28, 2023

Dear Cherryvale Elementary School Family,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of your for your continued support as we work together to “ensure the highest quality education for all students, building character, and instilling a desire for lifelong learning.”

The third quarter of the school year provided much excitement and growth among our school family. We hosted our first in-person awards assembly and community paint night following the COVID-19 pandemic, opened our doors to over 60 community members to read to our classes for Read Across America Week, celebrated local heroes for both Black History and Women’s History months, witnessed amazing performances from our staff and students before hearing words of inspiration from Mrs. Newton-Tabon during our Black History Assembly, and saw significant growth among our students with regard to academics and behavior. We are now at the stage of the school year where the excitement of the warm weather, 4th quarter, and coming Summer Break is driving us to finish the school-year in good standing.

We look forward to continuing to work together to bring 2022-2023 to a successful close. #TalonsUp

Mr. J. Tanner Curry, Principal
Cherryvale Elementary School

Cherryvale Elementary School is a certified ABC (Arts in Basic Curriculum) school and receives funding from the South Carolina Arts Commission to support a comprehensive arts education.  Cherryvale serves students best by integrating the arts in all areas of our curriculum. In addition, our students are afforded the opportunity to participate in arts programs including art club, chorus, dance club, drama club, percussion ensemble, wind ensemble, and perform in the community throughout the year. ABC funding also affords students the opportunity to attend various arts programs and performances in the midlands.

Parents are encouraged to join Schoology to receive updates on their student’s performance in each course.

  1. Go to www.schoology.com. 
  2. Click Sign Up at the top of the page and choose Parent.
  3. Enter your Parent Access Code. This is a 12-digit code in xxxx-xxxx-xxxx format that you receive from one of your child’s instructors. 
  4. Fill out the form with your information.
  5. Click Register to complete.

When you use a Parent Access Code to create an account, you are automatically associated with your child. You can add additional children to your account using the Add Child option. 


  • Parent Access Codes are unique to each student but can be used to make multiple parent accounts. 
  • If your Parent Access Code does not allow you to register or, if the code does not have 12 digits, please contact your child’s instructor or school for more information.