Use this teacher page to access links and resources needed at school or at home.  If you would like anything added to this page or the school website, email your requests to Steven Palmer or Penny Esterley.

STUDENT WATCH LIST – Please complete by Monday, February 5, 2018.  (You must be logged in with your district account to access the document.)

Contact Jamie Lessard through her website and schedule a time for her to assist with using technology in your classroom.  Here is the link to her page and calendar:


Click here to go to the Sprigeo Training Videos! 



  Academy of Reading and Math Login for Teachers


 Academy of Reading and Math Login for Students


Click Here to View the Cherryvale Morning Show:  rtsp://

Paste the link above in VLC Media Player.  Open VLC Media Player on your computer:  1. Click “media”   2.  Click “Open Network Stream”   3.  Paste link   4.  Click “play.”  The link will automatically be saved, so you will only have to paste it once.

Safe Schools Training

  • All employees received an email concerning Safe Schools Training.  Sumter School District is using to offer training courses online for your convenience.  Log on here to complete your Sumter School District safety training requirements:  Safe Schools Training Link

Technology Tidbits

  • Chromebook carts and Chromebooks should stay in the classroom that they are assigned.
  • Please encourage students to use the student webpage to access links and websites.  You may want to have them add it as their homepage on Chrome.  Please contact Steven Palmer if you would like any student links added to the student page.
  • Cherryvale has two ActivTables for student use and work well as a station for math or ELA.  ActivTables are located in the media center and can be rolled to the classroom.  Contact Mr. Palmer for ActivTable Training.
  • Classroom Rules for Chromebooks Slideshow
Quick Links

District Google Email Login

District Google Drive Login

District Outlook Email Login

easyCBM Login – monitor progress in ELA and Math

Edivate (PD360) – Sumter School District’s Professional Development Platform


iPad Apps – Student iPads – master list of apps available on student iPads

iPad Check-out Calendar – Use this calendar to reserve iPads.  Click the “month” tab to view the entire month.  Click on the date that you want to reserve the iPads, and create an event with your last name and the iPad numbers that you would like to reserve (i.e. Palmer 1-6).  Under “calendar” make sure “iPad Sign out Calendar” is selected.  Click create.  The iPad cart is located in the media center.

LET’S TOOT OUR OWN HORN – Complete the online form to submit information for the district and local news!


PowerTeacher Gradebook


SSD IT Department –

Website Information Form – Use this form to submit content that you would like added to the school website.

Instructional Links


eTools for Education


Google Classroom – Assign students classwork and homework digitally to access on Chromebooks, iPads, computers, or other devices.

Google Drive



Nearpod – Create and use online presentations with interactive features such as polls, video, drawing tools, quizzes, etc.

Learn 360 – Streaming Video – check with the media specialist for login information.


PowToon – create animated presentations



Renaissance Place – Accelerated Reader

Socrative – Create and give online quizzes.  Track data.

Symbaloo – create web mixes.