The Leader in Me is not a program, but a process in which students are systematically taught how to be good learners and leaders.  The process begins with Kindergarten and continues through fifth grade.

Leader in Me is based on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.



See-Do-Get Cycle

A model that creates new paradigms, effective practices, and real results

“Leader in Me is based on a theory of change known as the See-Do-Get Cycle. When you change the way you See things, it influences what you Do and the results you Get.”  Visit the Leader In Me website to find out more!


Leader In Me is for all students and revolves around five core paradigms:

  1. Everyone can be a leader.
  2.  Everyone has genius.
  3. Change starts with me.
  4. Educators empower students to lead their own learning.
  5. Develop the whole person.

The focus is not just on academics, but on the whole child by developing systems to address school Leadership, Culture, and Academics.  All stakeholders are empowered to help the school reach goals in these areas.

Leadership is for everyone:  students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators.  “It takes a village.”

Culture is developed through learning and applying the seven habits and basic life principles that work for everyone.

Academics can only improve when the first two areas are addressed appropriately.  Students will achieve academically when they are empowered to lead their own learning in a culture of excellence.

“If you want small changes, work on your behavior; if you want quantum-leap changes, work on your paradigms.”

-Stephen R. Covey